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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Treatments of Dandruff

1. Regularly cleans all affected parts

Shampoo the scalp and affected parts with any of the many commercial preparations available for dandruff. Many lines are excellent. Selenium sulphide (Selsun) suspension shampoo and zinc pyrithione 2 % (like Head & Shoulders) preparation (Zp11 dressing and shampoo or dangard) are also very effective. Instructions usually accompany the commercial package.

2. Simple general measures are often helpful

These include eating a sensible balanced diet avoiding, excess sweets and carbohydrates or spicy food, hot drinks and alcoholic beverages. Get adequate rest at night (every night). Follow sensible working hours and avoid foolish excesses. Adequate recreation helps, and the basic of simple hygiene are important Infections, emotional stresses and upsets, constipation, and dietetic indiscretions should be attended to. Regular Scalp massage may help.

Care of eyelashes in Dandruff
Dandruff (seborrhea) of the eyelashes can be both annoying and hard to treat. Eye doctors like to recommend scrubbing the lashes with baby shampoo on a cotton swab. This method may be worth a try, but it often fails. Cortisone-based lotions should be used close to the eye only under medical supervision since continuous exposure of the eye to cortisone can lead to serious eye problems.

Further Treatments

If these simple measures don’t assist, seek professional help form the family physician. Other lines of treatment he may suggest could include:

* Creams containing corticosteroids

(Equal to 0.5 to 1.0 % hydrocortisone). These often reduce the inflammation and excessive discharges.

* Creams containing Sulphur (3-5%) and Salicylic acid (2-3%) are popular and often satisfactory. they are often used as a cream the night before the shampooing. If sores develop indicating infection form other growing germs, these must be treated independently.

In over weight people where the condition arises between folds of fat rubbing together, the physician may check for diabetes. Castellani’s paint (a bright magenta-coloured preparation) applied will often cure the irritating cracks and fissures that commonly develop in these areas. Pre-cleansing the area with soap and water is essential( but all traces of soap must be removed afterwards.)

* Antifungal creams are often effective, apparently because they reduce the number of yeast organisms living on the skin. Over-the-counter creams include 1% clotrimazole cream and miconazole cream 2%. Antifungal creams also are applied once or twice a day.

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