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Monday, June 14, 2010

Some causes of headache

Headache is not a disease, but a symptom which may mean only wrong diet, with liver, stomach and intestine temporarily unable to do their normal work. It may indicate the presence of some brain disease, such as abscess or tumor; or it may be a part of symptom complex of other diseases; Most of which have nothing directly to do with the brain. Obviously the rational way to relief headache is to find and correct its cause.

Possible Causes of Headache:

* Eyestrains are probably the commonest cause of headaches that occur in the frontal region. They usually disappear with rest and sleep. They may be permanently cured by the wearing of correctly fitted glasses.

* Infections of the sinuses of upper jaw and the frontal bones of the face causes a constant frontal headaches, worse in the morning , and not relieved by sleep. Focal infections headaches may be caused by abscesses about the roots of the teeth, pyorrhea, unerupted molar teeth or diseased tonsils.

* Headaches may also arise form toxemia occurring in nephritis (kidney Infection), Diabetes, Chronic arthritis, tuberculosis and arteriosclerosis (Blockade of arteries due to deposition of fats or other substances) or from retention of nitrogen material or waste product with in the blood. Nearly all acute infectious disease has headaches as a prominent symptom especially in the early stages.

* Headaches of gastrointestinal origin are frequent. The sufferers often eat much but exercise little. Excessive use of sweets is liable to clog the liver. The patient has a coated tongue. Foul breath attacks of dizziness and a sallow complexion and is troubled with gaseous fermentation and bloating. The stools contain much undigested starch and fats. They show gas bubbles, and have very offensive odour. The individual is drowsy and usually too fat.

* Excessive Caffeine which is found in considerable quantities in tea, coffee, and several soft drinks, is another common cause of headaches.

* Disturbance of the glands of internal secretion, notably the thyroid gland, which becomes enlarge in goiter, the pituitary gland, at the base of the brain, the adrenals, located above the kidneys, and the ovaries, all of which hare concerned with the regulations of nutrition, frequently cause toxic headaches. To cure these, the underline glandular trouble must be detected and properly treated.

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