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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to insert contact lenses properly?

Wash, rinse and dry your hands before touching the contacts. A wet finger could cause a soft lens to flatten. Do not use fingernails when handling your lenses. If you are near a sink, close the drain to avoid any mishaps. Always insert your contacts in the same order to eliminate mix-ups. Pour the lens and storage fluid from the case into your palm. Examine your lens for particles, deposits or tears. Place the lens, cup side up, on your forefinger. Be sure the lens is right side out—the lens’ edge will appear almost straight up. If the lens is inside out, the edges will bow out slightly. If the lens is inside out, reverse it before proceeding.


* Hold your upper eyelid or lashes to hinder blinking.
* Pull your bottom eyelid down using your middle finger
* Look up at the ceiling so that the white part of your eye shows and position the lens onto the white part
* Or, you can look forward at the lens and gently situate it in the centre of your eye
* Remove your finger and let the bottom eyelid go before the top
* Look down to position the lens
* Close your eye for a moment.
* Apply one to two eye drops (lens lubricant) if your lenses feel dry or vision blurs.
* Repeat the same steps for inserting the lens for the left (or second) eye.
* Be sure to have your eye doctor demonstrate these steps prior to your first attempt at inserting your lenses


Bend over so that your head is parallel to the floor, cup your left hand under your right eye. Place your thumb, index or forefinger of your right hand at the outer corner of your eyelids. Look straight down and open both eyes wide. Pull your finger in an upward and downward direction and remove the lens.

Cleanse, rinse and disinfect your lenses after removal and before wearing them again as contact lens cases can be a source of bacterial growth. Enzyme cleaners and cleaning solutions alone cannot substitute for disinfecting, although there are multipurpose products that can perform many of these functions if used as directed. Never use non-sterile homemade saline, distilled water or tap water for any part of your lens care regimen. Use products recommended by your eye care professional. Not all solutions can be used for all contact lenses. Solutions can become contaminated during use. Do not let the bottle tip touch any surface including your contact lenses.

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