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Friday, May 7, 2010

Running barefoot could be healthier

Jogging is considered the perfect exercise because it’s simple and it only requires the right shoes. Now, a group of runners claim that they don’t need any shoes because running barefoot is healthier.

The runners say barefoot running was practiced since antiquity and that members of some tribes in Mexico used to run hundreds of miles with just sandals on their feet without suffering any injuries. Those sandals inspired the runners to create minimal footwear which is practically a glove for the foot.

Supporters of this idea say barefoot running is changing the way the foot touches the ground and moves the impact from the heel farther forward on the foot. This reduces the impact on the foot, which is three times the body weight of the runner when wearing shoes.

Not everybody agrees though. Some voices claim that those who run long distances should strike on the rear of the foot because it puts less pressure on the Achilles tendon. Striking on the forefoot is recommended only for running short distances where a higher speed is achieved.

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