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Monday, May 24, 2010

Aloe (Aloe vera) Part 2

These uses have been tested in humans or animals. Safety and effectiveness have not always been proven. Some of these conditions are potentially serious, and should be evaluated by a qualified healthcare provider.

Beside Constipation (laxative) , Genital herpes , Psoriasis vulgaris , Seborrheic dermatitis (seborrhea, dandruff) as mentioned before Aloe Vera is used for :

Cancer prevention
There is early evidence that oral aloe may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. Further study is needed in this area to clarify if it is aloe itself or other factors that may cause this benefit.

Canker sores (aphthous stomatitis)
There is weak evidence that treatment of recurrent aphthous ulcers of the mouth with aloe gel may reduce pain and increase the amount of time between the appearance of new ulcers. Further study is needed before a firm recommendation can be made.

Diabetes (type 2)
Study results are mixed. More research is needed to explore the effectiveness and safety of aloe in diabetics.

Dry skin
Traditionally, aloe has been used as a moisturizer. Early low-quality studies suggest aloe may effectively reduce skin dryness. Higher quality studies are needed in this area.

HIV infection
Without further human trials, the evidence cannot be considered convincing either in favor or against this use of aloe.

Lichen planus
Limited study suggests that aloe may be a helpful, safe treatment for lichen planus, which is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the lining of the mouth. Additional study is needed.

Skin burns
Early evidence suggests that aloe may aid healing of mild to moderate skin burns. Further study is needed in this area.

Skin ulcers
Early studies suggest aloe may help heal skin ulcers. High-quality studies comparing aloe alone with placebo are needed.

Ulcerative colitis (including inflammatory bowel disease)
There is limited but promising research of the use of oral aloe vera in ulcerative colitis (UC), compared to placebo. It is not clear how aloe vera compares to other treatments used for UC.

Wound healing
Study results of aloe on wound healing are mixed with some studies reporting positive results and others showing no benefit or potential worsening of the condition. Further study is needed, since wound healing is a popular use of topical aloe.

Radiation dermatitis
Reports in the 1930s of topical aloe's beneficial effects on skin after radiation exposure lead to widespread use in skin products. Currently, aloe gel is sometimes recommended for skin irritation caused by prolonged exposure to radiation, although scientific evidence suggests a lack of benefit in this area.

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